San Diego is such a great city and it's so safe overall and generally good schools everywhere.

Where would you advise a family looking for a home with young children to buy in San Diego and why?

It’s hard to go wrong in San Diego. It’s such a great city and it’s so safe overall and generally good schools everywhere. We’ll start with probably the least affordable for maybe middle class families, but very coastal, which a lot of people want to be on the coast when they’re in San Diego.

Top 3 Areas in San Diego that might be a good area for a family with young children to buy.

  1. Carmel Valley is a great location. The lots are not maybe the largest, but it’s a really quiet neighborhoods, very good schools, and of course it’s so coastal, so your kids can learn how to surf really easily, just right down the street, basically. So, that’s a great neighborhood to start with.
  2. The other one is Serra Mesa. It’s very central in San Diego. You can get almost anywhere within the city within about 15 minutes or so, or less. Lots of shopping nearby, the freeway is nearby, really good schools. There’s a great charter school that’s located there now. I actually grew up in that area, so I’m probably partial to it, but you can ride your bike around and you’ll be safe and fine. So, it’s great. And it’s more affordable, as well. It has been discovered recently, so the price is starting to rise, but still a more affordable option, and being centrally located.
  3. Then the other option would be Santee. That’s more East County, San Diego. Also good school districts, larger properties, so you can get a third of an acre, half acre out there. There’s also smaller lots available, too, but for the money you can get generally larger lots, pools, that kind of thing. And it’s also located right next to Mission Trails. So there’s lots of hiking and mountain biking that you can do right there, which is great family activity as well.


What’s the number one thing that parents look for when they’re looking for a home with young kids?

  1. Schools in the neighborhood
  2. Safety and security of the area

Are the streets quiet? Are there cul-de-sacs? A lot of families like to be on cul-de-sacs because they’re dead-end streets. You don’t have traffic coming through. So there’s less chance of your kid getting injured.

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